Annual Science and Maths Exhibition (2019-20)

‘Lok Puram Public School organized the Science and Maths Exhibition on 10th August, 2019 for the students of Std VI to X. Principal Dr. Lipika Chandra, inaugurated the exhibition by doing the honors of cutting the ribbon and lighting the lamp accompanied by the Parent Judges- Mrs. Vaishnavi Gokul Patil, Mrs. Seema Rahul, Mr. Vikas Mahajan and Mr.Amiya Tripathy. Students from other schools also participanted in the Exhibition.

The theme of the Exhibition was ‘Applied Maths and Science as Human Benefactors’. The following are the Sub-topics:

Std VI – Agriculture Std VI – Joy of Maths
Std VII – Life Processes Std VII – Application of Maths in Daily Life
Std VIII – Universe Std VIII – Hands on Maths
Std IX – Sports and Science Std IX – Mathematics
Std X – Futuristic India Std X – Mathemania

Beside this, artifacts of Conservation Club, Integrity Club and Health Club were on display.

Annual Science and Maths Exhibition

Interactive Session of School Toppers with the Present Std X Students

The school conducts Interactive Session every year by the School Toppers of AISSE to motivate, encourage and benefit the students presently studying in Std X and give some valuable tips to prepare for the Board Examination.
This year it was conducted on 29th June 2019. The Scholars, Sudiksha Mallia, Pranav Kulkarni and Sakshi Landage emphasized on a balanced daily planner with co- curricular and recreational activities, time management, rigorous revision practice and study pattern.



  • Workshop on ‘Water Resource Conservation’ was conducted on 1st August 2019 by Tata Power Energi Club for students of Std IV to VIII. Mrs. Garishma Thakkar was the Resource Person. She generated awareness amongst students about conservation of water, household solutions and techniques of saving water along with conservation of electricity and waste management.

  • A Career Guidance Workshop for Std X was conducted by Rtn J. B Kabra on 19th August 2019. This was followed by an Aptitude Test organized on 29th September, 2019 in the School. Personal one to one counseling with the parent and student was done to provide insights of various career options according to one’s individual attitude, skill, aptitude and intelligence.

  • The workshop on Relationship with Parents was conducted for students of Std VI to X (NIE Subscribers) on 1st October,2019. Mrs. Vidya Ramaswamy was the Resource Person. The session dealt with the complexities of trust issues within the close knit relationships and the role of parents in the lives of students as friends, comrade and guide. The students were made to understand the unconditional love and support they enjoy from their parents and thus needs to develop a bond of complete faith with them. The session insisted on having a good and positive relationship with parents.

  • A workshop on Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) was conducted on 27th September, 2019 for the students of Std IX & X by Rotary Club of Thane. Dr. Hemalish, President of Rotary Club Thane, Dr. Sunita and Dr. Leena were the Resource Persons. The workshop made students future ready for situations of emergency.
  • ‘Alert Today – Alive Tomorrow’ – Workshop on Road Safety was conducted on 17th October, 2019 for the students of Std IX & X. Resource Persons were Mr. Anuj Bhamase, RTO Inspector of Motor and Mr. Dhoble Eknath, Ast. Motor Vehicle, Inspector. To bring in an conscious effort within the students, Road Traffic Safety measures and methods to prevent pedestrians and road users from being seriously injured were explained and discussed. Responsibility towards self, then for others and respecting the rules were highlighted.


  • The school conducts a workshop for the parents of Std X every year on Positive and Rational Parenting .This year the same was organized on 20th July, 2019. Mrs. Ketki Raut , the School Counselor & our parents-Mrs. Swati Kulkarni & Mr. Narendra Shelke, whose children have excelled in Std X Board Examination 2019, were the Resource Persons. They shared their experiences & gave suggestions on Rational Parenting. They advised the parents to show faith in the abilities of their wards so that they face the upcoming challenges with confidence.

  • An Orientation Program was organized for the parents of Primary and Secondary Sections on 27th April 2019 to update them about the changes in curriculum as proposed by CBSE this academic year 2019-20.


  • A Workshop on ‘Ban Plastic & Resource Conservation’ was conducted on 1st September 2018 by Tata Power Energi Club for students of Std VI to VIII Mrs. Grishma Thakkar was the Resource Person. Students learnt about ill effects of plastics and importance of saving electricity. They got inputs about various alternative to plastics.
  • A workshop on ‘Study Habits & Memory Skills’ for NIE subsribers of Std VI to X was conducted on 11th September 2018. The Resource Person for the same was Dr. Deepa Kishor Bhanushali – Retired BMC Superintendent. She emphasized that good study habits and memory skills can be developed through Time Management, Self-Discipline, Concentration, Memorization, Organization and Desire to Succeed.
  • Interact Club conducted an Aptitude test for the students of Std X on 14th October 2018 to keep them updated with their general awareness of the events in and around them & their skills in subject specific areas. One to One Counselling Session with respective parent and student was conducted on 5th January 2019.
  • A Talk Show on ‘Bullying and Its Ill Effects’ was conducted for students of Std VIII and IX on 12th December 2018. The Resource Person was Dr. Swaroop Bhatankar. Bullying is a problem that affects millions of students and needs to be dealt with. Children were given topics of bullying and they did a role play on it. The Resource Person suggested various Bullying Survival Tips. Students were able to  understand ill effects of bullying well.
  • Raising Day is observed every year from 2nd January to 8th January to celebrate Police Foundation Day in Maharashtra. The day highlights the crucial role played by the police. A workshop on the occasion was conducted in  school for students of Std VI & VII by Police Inspectors – Mr. Sunil Ghuge and  Mr. Praveen Thakkar from Chitalsar Police Station. Students were briefed about the measures taken by the police to ensure safety of citizens. It was said that citizens should feel free to approach the police in case of any emergency situation.
  • A workshop on ‘Urban Biodiversity Conservation’ was conducted by the Tata Power Energy Club for the students of std VIII on 23rd January 2019. The Resource Persons were Ms. Pratiksha Naik, Dr. Dutta Prasad Sawant and  Mr. Sarvesh Abhayankar. Students were explained the topography and climate of Thane and Mumbai, varied species of flora and fauna and how biodiversity supports life in a particular region through interesting videos. Further, the students were shown a comparative study that biodiversity loss has always existed as a natural process but threats to biodiversity arise when the rate of extinction exceeds the rate of generation. The resource persons urged the students to be more sensitive towards their immediate surroundings and to nurture nature for conservation of bio diversity.
  • A workshop on ‘Health and Hygiene’ was conducted on 24.01.19 for Girls of std VII and VIII by Dr. Soniya Hire from Procter and Gamble Ltd. The workshop was organised to create awareness amongst girls towards personal care and hygiene. They were explained about the menstrual cycle and the ways to handle it better. There was also an activity ‘Writing a letter to Mom’, wherein students addressed their problems related to health and personal grooming to their mothers. The session made the girls understand their body and problems related to it, if they ignore hygiene. They learnt to become more confident and open about addressing an issue of personal hygiene to their guardians.

Relaxation Techniques for Std X Students

    • In a bid to de – stress students of Std X appearing for Board Examination 2019 the school aims to provide useful information to the students to face the upcoming board examination. In pursuance of this the School Counsellor took motivational sessions for students suggesting strategies for time management and focus in studies. Class teachers also regularly guided the students to maintain a proper study time table and give due weightage to all the subjects. Time to time they disseminated various guidelines from CBSE pertaining to the Board Examination to the students and parents. The School also telecasted Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s interactive session with a cross – section of students , teachers and parents on 30th January 2019, for the students of Std VI to X in their respective classrooms.