NewAltAchievements of 2018-19



    • In the National Children’s Science Congress 2018-19 organized by Jidnyasa Trust, Thane our Senior Group Comprising of Abhinav Ganeshan and Tanmay Kulkarni of Std IX qualified the State Level and reached the National Level Contest held between 27th December 2018 to 31st December 2018. They displayed their project- ‘Moisture Sensing and Irrigating Robot’. The Junior Group consisting of Disha Hegde and Bhavith Shetty of Std VIII Qualified the Regional Level and reached the Pre-State Level & demonstrated their Project ‘Snakes Beware and Aware’.
    • In National Level Coloring, Handwriting, Collage & Cartoon Making Competition 2018-19 organized by Rangotsav Celebration in the month of  November  2018, the following students won Prizes in various categories:
        • In Coloring Competition Janhavi Das ( Std VII ), Kusum Singh (Std X ) received a Trophy and Certificate &Anshul Fegade ( Std VII ), Gargee Vetal (Std VI ), Manomay Amin ( Std VII ), Siddhi Mankar ( Std VI ) won Gold Medal and Certificate.
        • In Handwriting Competition Himesh Kattar(Std X) ,Nidhi Sirsilla ( Std VI ), Gargi Vetal  (Std VI ) and  Ananya Thakur (VII ) received  Gold Medal and Certificate.
    • Sudiksha Mallia and Adrija Sen of Std X received All Rounder Student for the Year 2018-19 Award by We Club of Upvan, Thane on 29th September 2018.
    • Atharva Bhadale of Std X secured 10th Position with 98.18 Percentile at Mumbai Regional Level Talent Hunt Contest 2018 organised by Career Launcher. He received a Scholarship of Rs. 1, 50, 000.
    • In the National Level Balkalaratna Award organized by Kalabharti Child Art Institute in August 2018, Nidhi Sirisilla (Std VI) and Trisha Ayarekar (Std VII) won Gold Medals in Drawing competition and Dakshayani Shinde (Std VIII) & Ashwini Vishwanath (Std IX) won Gold Medals in Handwriting competition.
    • In the competitions organised by Sanskruti Kala Darpan on 19th August 2018, our students won Prizes in several categories:
        • In Singing Competition Nishita K.G (Std VIII) won First Prize Shield and Nandana Sen (Std VI) received Second Prize Trophy.
        • In Dance Competition Soujani Chatterjee (StdVI ) & Siddhi Mankar (Std VIII ) bagged First Prize Trophy & Second Prize Trophy was won by Purvika Palodkar  of Std VI .
        • In English Elocution Competition Nihira Patwardhan (Std VII) won First Prize Trophy, Khushi Pareek (Std IX) & Elizabeth Roji (Std VII) received Second Prize Trophy. In the same event Ahana Chatterjee (Std IX) got Third Prize Certificate.
    • In the Inter School Kalagun Naipunya Competition organised by Sanskruti Kala Darpan in August 2018, our students won Prizes in the following events:
        • Satyajit Dev (Std VI) & Nandini Kirdat(Std VIII) bagged First Prize Trophy in Drawing Competition.
        • Parth Auti (Std VI) & Atharva Bhadale (Std X) won Second Prize Trophy in Handwriting Competition.
        • Shruti Dalve (Std VII) won Second Prize Trophy in Essay Writing Competition.
        • Omkar Gambhir (Std X) received Second Prize Trophy in Greeting Card Making Competition.
    • In the National Genius Search Examination conducted by National Genius Search Foundation, India on 14th September 2018- Dhruv Sonak( Std VIII) won Gold Medal and Certificate of Excellence with 95.24 Percentile. In the same event Kalpita Ray (Std VI), Siddhartha Jaiprakash( Std VIII), Manasa Nakka (Std VI), Yash Khilari (Std VI) and Nidhi Sirisilla (Std VI) received Certificate of Excellence.
    • In Akhil Bhartiya Rashtrabhasha Pratiyogita organized in September 2018, Ananya Yadav (VI C), Sakshi Kadam (VIII B) and Vibha Vishweshwaran  (X E) won Gold Medals for securing distinction.
    • In M.R. Pai English Elocution Competition organised on 10th October 2018, Ahana Chatterjee (Std IX) bagged First Position with Cash Prize of Rs. 1250. Second Position with Cash Prize of Rs. 1000 was taken by   Shreya Bhadoria of Std IX and Third Position was secured by Nandini Ravishankar with a Cash Prize of Rs. 750.
    • In International English Olympiad organized on 11th October 2018, Ansh Pendharkar (Std VI), Atharv Date (Std VII), Nathan Varghese (Std VIII ), Shubham Chattopadhyay (Std IX ) and Ananya Shajeev (Std X ) won    Gold Medals. In the same competition Aryan Sridharan (Std VI C), Anshul Fegade (Std VII B), Anirudh Krishna (Std VIII ), Shrikant Salvi (Std IX ) and Gargee Shendre (Std X ) received Silver Medals. Swara Barkar (Std VI ), Shresth Singh (Std VII ), Shardul Junagade ( Std VIII ) Suhaani Mani (Std IX ) and Atharva Pandit (Std X ) bagged Bronze Medals. The above mentioned students have Qualified for Second Level.
    • Reva Kulkarni (Std VIII ) and Trisha Ayarekar (Std VII ) won Gold Medals in 8th Cultural Olympiad of Performing Art – 2018 organized by Global Council of Art and Culture at Dubai in November 2018.
    • In the 26thInter School Competitions organized by Shri Ma Ba Niketan High School on 8th December 2018, our students won following prizes:
        • In English Elocution Competition Nandini Ravishankar(Std X ) and Drishti Roy  (Std VII E) won Gold Medal and Cash Prize & Disha Hegde ( Std VIII ) received  Silver Medal and Cash Prize, Shreyan Pradhan (Std VI ) won Bronze Medal and Cash Prize.
        • In Spellathon  Competition, Aniruddh Krishna (Std VIII ) and Nathan Varghese  (Std VIII ) received Second Prize Trophy.
        • In Marathi Elocution Competition, Sayalee Mahagaonkar (Std VIII C) won Bronze Medal and Cash Prize.
    • In Science Olympiad organized by SOF in November 2018 Rudra R. Chaoji (Std VI), Nishtha Neelabh (Std VII), Yash Shinoy (Std VIII), Kushi Amal (Std IX ) &  Atharva Bhadale (Std X) received Gold Medals. In the same event  Inesh Sahoo (Std VI), Gauri Deshpande (Std VII), Shardul Junagade (Std VIII), Shubham Chattopadhyay (Std IX) and Vishal Singh (Std X) won Silver Medals & Satyajit Dev (Std VI), Varad Bhandari (Std VII), Disha Hegde (Std VIII), Amit Anand (Std IX) and Pranav Batki (Std X) won Bronze Medal.



        • In the Sanskruti Kala Darpan Competition 2018-19, following  students won prizes: Sreeranjani Rajesh (Std III) won 1st Prize in Elocution, Nabhya Yadav (Std III) got 1st Prize in Singing, Mitali Parab (Std III) won 1st Prize in Fancy Dress Competition, Sarang Mushrikar (Std I) got 2nd Prize in Singing, Atharva Kureel (Std I) won 2nd Prize in Fancy Dress Competition, Santusth Aher (Std III) won 2nd Prize in Singing, Ojasvi Ahire (Std IV) got 2nd Prize in Fancy Dress Competition, Aditi Balgurgi (Std IV)won 2nd Prize in Elocution & Navika Basu (Std I) got 2nd Prize in Record Dance.
        • In G K Olympiad, conducted by SOF on 11th September 2018, following students won Medals : Nabhya Yadav (Std III),Shreyansh Mohod (Std IV),Rudra Bist (Std V)  won Gold Medals. Advait Parab (Std III), Swayam Hegde (Std IV), Aarya Padale(Std V) got Silver medals. Mitali Parab (Std III), Janhavi Rao (Std IV) ,Ved Phadke (Std V) won Bronze Medals.
        • In English Olympiad, conducted by SOF on 11th October 2018, following students did extremely well by winning Medals: Ayaan Gurjar(Std III), Aarohi Vaikul (Std IV),Abhinav Gupta (Std V)  won Gold Medals. Soham Tambe (StdIII) ,Aayush Lal  ( StdIV), Pranav Gangurde & Aarya Padale (Std V) got Silver medals. Naitik Chavan(Std III), Akshara Vineet ( Std IV),Ved Phadke (Std V) won Bronze Medals.
        • In the Spell Bee Exam, Level 1,conducted on 12th October 2018, Mitali Parab (Std III),Ishneet Kaur (Std IV) & Shaurya Shetty (Std V) won Medals and received School Topper Certificates.
        • In Spell Bee Exam 2017-18 held at International Level, following students won Medals: Shaurya Shetty (Std V) & Rishi Sudheer (Std V) bagged Medal of Achievements and Certificate of Achievement. Anusha Maroli (Std IV), Sai Patwardhan  (Std IV) & Arya Padale (Std V) won Medal of Merit Plus and Certificate of Merit Plus. Surabhi Koparkar(Std IV), Aayush Lal (Std IV), Ojasvi Ahire(Std IV) & Keya Tandel (Std V)  got Medal of Merit and Merit Certificate.
        • In the Inter School Competitions organized by Sri Ma Bal Niketan School  on 9th December 2018, Sreeranjani Rajesh (Std III) won 1st Prize in Story Narration  Competition and NabhyaYadav (Std III) got  1st Prize in Singing Competition.
        • In the Geeta Utsav , held by Chinmaya Mission,Thane on 9th December 2018, Sreeranjani Rajesh (Std III)  got a Motivational Certificate and a Silver coin.
        • In the International Maths Olympiad organized by SOF on 13th December 2018, Agastya  Kasture (Std III)  got a Medal of Distinction, Mitali Parab & Siddhi  Jadhav (Std III ), Maanas Dongre ( Std IV) & Rudra Kharabe (Std V) won Gold Medals.Advait Parab (Std III) ,Ajinkya Shinde (Std IV) & Rishi Sudheer (StdV) won Silver Medals. Saksham Nishant (std III) ,Ishan Harane (std IV) & Abhinav Gupta  (std V )won Bronze Medals