SEWA (Social Empowerment Through Work and Action)

SEWA (Social Empowerment Through Work and Action) under CBSE Guidelines and Directives is followed by the school in Primary and Secondary Sections through various activities integrated with the School Clubs namely Conservation Club, Health Club, Interact Club and Integrity Club. Students are working on different topics throughout the year like Environment Conscious Citizen, Being Safe and Responsible, Care for Homeless and Needy, Dignity of Labor and Road Safety. Students of Std IX & X are participating in the following Community Services and Community Outreach Programs:


Students visited Smith Old age Home at Kalher, where they spent quality time with elderly people by entertaining them with various activities.

Visit to Kalher Old Age Home


Students visited RTO Office, Thane to interact with Traffic Inspectors and aware themselves on the Traffic Rules. Later, the students enacted Street Plays and chanting Slogans at nearby Traffic Signals to draw the attention of local public and Auto Rickshaw Drivers about Safety Rules and its importance.

Skit presented by Students for awareness of Road Safety


Students visited Gurudwara at Dongri Pada where they served food to devotees, washed utensils and cleaned the place to realize the value of service to people.

Students of Std IX & X doing service in the Gurudwara towards Community Outreach Program


Students visited Saksham Community Centre, Azad Nagar, the School for underprivileged children and shared their knowledge of First Aid with them through various hands on activities and PPT presentation especially on CPR.

Demonstration of CPR method


Students met the Local Vendors in local market area to sensitize them about Alternative Use Of Plastics and distributed them Cloth Bags made by students. Beside this, they have cleaned the surrounding places of the society in the vicinity of the school.

Environment Conscious Citizen


Motto of the school is to provide a platform to the young talents and sensitize them towards environment, health and hygiene, cultivate moral and civic sense during Social and Community work and be vigilant about the current social issues. In pursuance of this objective, the school has set up Clubs such as Conservation Club, Health Club, Integrity Club, Interact Club & Disaster Management Committee. Each Club functions according to its planned schedule.

Conservation Club

The Conservation Club asserts importance of ‘Learning to live sustainably’ by empowering students to take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. The school has its Mission Statement – Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Replenish. In accordance, students of Std IX and Std X worked on projects namely Cleanliness, Dignity of Labor, Community Development Program- Empathy towards under privileged as a part of Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action (SEWA).

The Club celebrated Earth Day and World Environment Day. Segregation of dry & wet, Single Use Plastic and Swachhata Pakhwada Program under the guidelines of CBSE, are also done. Activities on Swachhata, Poster Making and Chart Making on the topic ‘Green School Drive’, Cleanliness Drive within the School Premises, Hygiene Practices, Community Participation etc. were organized.

Apart from this, the Club took up the following activities for students:
Best out of Waste Artifacts, Posters, Scrap Book, and Chart Making on topics such as ‘Sun is the Ultimate Resource’, ‘Role of Soil in Maintaining Earth,’ Cleanliness Campaign and ‘Household Waste Management, Industrial Waste Management’.
With special thrust on Water Conservation this year, following activities are being undertaken for students during II Term :

  • Survey on Usage of Water for Regular Practices At Home.
  • Water Wasted And Used In A Day.
  • Survey on Leaking Taps, Pipes And Tanks At Home And Society.
  • Water Harvesting System and Treatment Plant Installed in the Society.
  • Measures to be Taken to Reuse the Waste Water.

Earth Day Celebrations

Integrity Club

The Club works to imbibe values of integrity, patriotism and honesty amongst students by indulging them in several related activities and celebration of important days like Kargil Vijay Divas, World Literacy Day etc in the school.

150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi is being celebrated by the Club for the Academic Year 2019-20. As a part of it, students undertook various activities like Wall Hangings, Chart Making, Poster Making and Slogan Writing on the topics namely –

♦ Early Childhood of Gandhiji and His Life in South Africa

♦ Untold Stories of Mahatma Gandhi, Famous Personalities Influenced by Gandhiji

♦ Accordion on Social Activities and Achievements of Mahatma Gandhi and Political Achievements of Gandhiji.

Interact Club

Students are members of Interact Club sponsored by Rotary Club of Thane, Lake City.
A Vocational Guidance Program is being organized every year for students of Std X followed by an Aptitude Test to provide them inputs about their skills in subject specific areas.It is followed by One to One Counseling Session with respective parent and student for choosing their appropriate career.

Health & Science Club

The Health Club promotes healthy living among the students thereby giving them a chance of self-expression and independent research. Students have undertaken several activities to foster integrated growth of mind & body:

• Pictorial and Informative representation on First Aid Box and its contents
• Significance, requirements and use of First Aid for Heat Stroke
• In case of Fractures, precautions to be taken during monsoons to prevent Road Accidents
• Avoiding Water Borne Diseases in order to maintain Personal Health And Hygiene.
• Advantages of Balanced Diet
• Effect of Junk food
• Benefits of Exercise and Health

Our students participate enthusiastically in Annual Science and Maths Exhibition of the school, the prestigious National Children’s Science Congress and CBSE Science Exhibition/Fair.

Dental Check Up

The School conducted a Dental Check- up Camp for the students of Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Section on 18th and 19th October, 2019. It was organised by Dr. Tanmaya Tambe and her team from Panache Dental Care. The doctors examined their teeth and gave valuable individual feedback on oral hygiene.

Disaster Management Committee

Our School believes in ‘student-ready’ approach towards various vulnerable areas of disaster and to foster a positive attitude towards crisis situations. The following activities were taken up during First Term in all three Sections:

Pre-Primary Section

Tiny tots were shown video clips on basic safety measures. Picture talks, stories, flash cards and worksheets on safety rules and basic First Aid were conducted.

Primary Section

Std I & II – Concept of Fire and Flood Disaster were introduced through animated videos, stories and hand puppets. Emergency numbers were introduced like Ambulance, Fire Brigade & Police. Charts on the same were displayed in the class.

Std IV & V – Students were explained the concept of Natural and Man-made Calamities and were taught about Calamities caused due to the some natural phenomena like abundance of water causes Tsunami and Floods and water scarcity leads to Draughts and Famines.

Secondary Section

Std VI – Individual activity of chart making on listing the vulnerable areas of disasters in their house and precautions to be adopted.

Std VII – Group activity on making a list of various structures in the classroom, the threat they pose to us and ways to prevent it.

Std VIII – Awareness about natural phenomena – ‘Tsunami’, causes, threats, precautionary measures and after damage, relief actions were discussed, explained and videos were shown along with case studies.

Std IX – Group projects on the topics like Floods, Cyclones, Earthquakes, Landslides, and Draughts were assigned to students to sensitize them with the effects of natural disasters and their preventive measures.

Std X– Group project on First Aid, to generate awareness amongst the students about the immediate and basic medication to be provided in cases of burns, fractures, injuries, heat stroke etc, with special emphasis on CPR, Electrocution and Cardiac Arrest.

Mock Evacuation Drill: Mock Evacuation Drill twice a year is scheduled for preparedness at any eventuality.


There is a regular In- House Counselor in school to meet the demands of the students and help them enhance confidence, inter- personal skills & critical thinking thereby becoming productive and well-adjusted adults of tomorrow. Counseling is a service for the benefit and overall development of the students. Hence, if required, a student may be referred to the school Counselor who caters to the needs of students through Individual & Group Counseling. The counseling process involves concerned student and parent for effective solutions.
Classroom Counseling Sessions are a part of school curriculum dealing with the following topics:

Developing Positive Thinking, Handling Peer Pressure, Good Touch/ Bad Touch, Substance Abuse, Understanding Counseling and building positivity, Emotional Hurt and Physical Hurt, Personal Hygiene, Time Management, Self-Acceptance, Power of Patience, Rational and Irrational Thinking, Dealing with Stress, Handling Exam Pressure, Self Defense, Anti-Bullying etc.


Children possess a unique combination of multiple intelligence and the School tries to give them opportunities to explore their latent talents and skills. There are four Houses in the school – Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Topaz. Inter House Competitions promote healthy competition among the students. Therefore, several Competitions are conducted during the year such as Elocution, Debate, Extempore, Quiz, Display Board, Patriotic song, Value based Miming, Hindi Elocution, Newspaper designing etc to inculcate creative abilities, acting and communication skills in the performers. Parents are invited to adjudge these competitions for their active involvement.

Inter House Sports Competitions like Carrom, Throw Ball, Basket Ball, Dodge Ball, Chess, Football, Box Cricket etc are also being organized for students during the year to develop team spirit, discipline and leadership skills.