The school establishes a fun learning environment for children. A plethora of activities and competitions organized in the school lay a strong basis for all round development of students and chisel out their abilities through extra-curricular activities beyond the sphere of academics.


Motto of the school is to provide a nourishing environment to the young talents and give them necessary thrust towards enhancing scholastic as well as co-scholastic skills. In pursuance of this objective, the school has set up clubs such as Conservation Club, Health Club, Integrity Club, Interact Club & Disaster Management Committee. Each club functions according to its planned schedule to generate curiosity, cultivate moral & civic sense, incorporate social skills & sensitize them towards the environment.


The Conservation Club asserts importance of ‘Learning to live sustainably’ by empowering students to take up meaningful environmental activities and projects. The school has its Mission Statement – Reduce , Recycle , Reuse and Replenish. In accordance, students of Std IX and Std X worked on projects namely Free from Plastics, Garbage to Greenery, Community Development and Paryatan  Parva (Thane Tourism) as part of  Social Empowerment through Work Education and Action(SEWA).

The Club celebrated Earth Day, World Environment Day and Prakriti Mahotsav wherein students of Std IX & X planted saplings on the names of Martyrs. Swachhata Pakhwada Programme was also initiated under the guidelines of CBSE from 1st Sept to 12th Sept 2018. Activities on Swachhata, Green Drive, Cleanliness, Hygiene, Community Participation etc were organized.

Apart from this, the Club took up activities for  students like Poster Making  on topics such as ‘Say no to Plastics’, Maintaining   Bio-diversity, Types of Bird Nests, Adaptive features of Plants & Animals  etc. Case study on reasons and remedies of Ground Water Contamination, Project on Famous National Parks and Sanctuaries was also undertaken.

Poster Making on Save Water by Conservation Club


The Club works to imbibe values of integrity, patriotism, honesty and secularism amongst students by indulging them in several related activities and celebration of important  days in the school. The Club organised Communal Harmony Week, World Heritage Day, 76th Quit India Movement, World Day Against Child Labour, World Literacy Day, 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Birth Anniversary of Sardar Vallabhai Patel marked as Rashtra Ekta Diwas , Vigilance Week etc wherein  students enthusiastically delivered speeches , made Power Point Presentations etc.

Awareness Campaign and Poster Making on Anti-Corruption by Integrity Club


The school is a member of Interact Club sponsored by Rotary Club of Thane, Lake City. The Club organised a Workshop on Eco- Friendly Ganesh Idol Making in association with Rotary Club of Thane, Lake City for students of Std VIII & IX.   Apart from this, a Vocational Guidance Programme was conducted for students of Std X followed by an Aptitude test to provide them input about their skills in subject specific areas. It was followed by One to One Counselling Session with respective parent and student.

Eco Frienldy Ganpati Idol


The Health Club promotes healthy living among the students thereby giving them a chance of self expression and independent research. Students undertook several activities to foster integrated growth of mind & body such as First Aid Box and its Significance, Balanced Diet & Healthy Hygiene Habits during Rainy Season, Importance of Physical Fitness and Active Lifestyle, Recipes for Good Health, Study of Medicinal Value of Spices, Yoga and Pranayam, Natural Homemade Skin Remedies, Obesity- a growing health problem, Tips to Reduce Stress & Improve Concentration, Monsoon related Problems & Precautions etc.

A Dental Check Up and Eye Check Up Camp were organized for students and staff of entire school. In order to explore new ideas in the field of science and technology and encourage budding scientists, Science and Maths Exhibition cum Competition is organised every year by the Science Club. This year, children displayed projects on the theme –‘Applied Science and Maths in Day-to-Day Life’.

Chart Making on Techniques of First Aid by Health Club


There is a regular In- House Counsellor in school to meet the demands of the students and help them enhance confidence, inter- personal skills & critical thinking thereby becoming productive and well-adjusted adults of tomorrow. Counselling is a service for the benefit and overall development of the students. Hence, if required, a student may be referred to the school Counsellor who caters to the needs of students through Individual & Group Counseling. The counseling process involves concerned student and parent for effective solutions.

Classroom Counseling Sessions are a part of school curriculum dealing with topics like Developing Positive Thinking, Handling Peer Pressure, Dealing with Upcoming Challenges, Impact of Social Networking Sites, Good Touch/ Bad Touch, Substance Abuse etc.


Children possess a unique combination of multiple intelligence and the School tries to give them opportunities to explore their latent talents and skills. There are four Houses in the school – Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Topaz. Inter House Competitions promote healthy competition among the students. Therefore, several Competitions are conducted during the year such as Elocution, Debate, Extempore, Quiz, Display Board, Patriotic song, Value based Miming, Hindi Kavita Pathan, Newspaper designing etc to inculcate creative abilities, acting and communication skills in the performers. Parents are invited to judge all the competitions for their active involvement.

Inter House Sports Competitions like Carrom, Throw Ball, Basket Ball, Dodge Ball, Chess etc were also organised for students during the year to develop team spirit, discipline and leadership skills.

Inter House Patriotic Song Competition